Increase your productivity by improving your backend infrastructure. With a few new steps, we can reduce your overall bandwidth costs along with better security protection on all endpoints.


Selling on multiple platforms can be a headache which necessitates the need of our automated scaling system to ensure faster product placements on websites such as Amazon, Walmart, Ebay and Shopify. 

Dedicated Servers

Out with the Xeons in with the Epyc. Our servers are hosted on AMD's Epyc platform generating double digit performance gains over Intel Skylake Xeons at reduced price.


For companies looking to start a new core or edge location, allow us to to find the best facility that exceeds your needs. Expect reduced pricing , and faster delivery then other resellers.

ISP Broker

With new your colocation, we can provide an evaluation of possible IP transit providers to increase your network peering to get fastest response times for all your customers at the below market price.


With IPV4s demand increasing, the availability has been shrinking. We at Server Destroyers built a network of reliable providers who lease and sell clean subnets that have never hit spam databases in their lifetime. We cover all registries from ARIN to AfriNIC.